Lennon: was a non-endorser
Clapton: doesnt play a Krappy
Elvis: No.
Joan Baez: No Dice
Hendrix: lefty models were unavailable
Johnny Cash: never got back to us
Keith: too busy snorting dads ashes
James Taylor: Krappy not his brand.
Eddie VH: Valerie wanted half.
Ace frehley: no interplanetary shipping
Yngwie malmsteen: too good for that.
YoYoMa: i'm a cellist, idiot!
Django Reinhardt: wanted a 2 string!
Buckethead: Krappys too weird.
Angus: highway to... HELL NO!
Frampton: Didnt feel like we do.
Jimmy Page: no quarter.
Stevie Ray: couldn't stand the weather.
Chet Atkins: no punk country.
Les Paul: his wah was Mahwah.
Joe Pass: i'll pass on that...
Rudi Van Di Sarzio-miranda sez no!
Allan Holdsworth isn't a Krappy player