Krapmeister Kevin Siebold
explains how these instruments are GREEN:

instruments are built from as many pieces
of rescued wood as possible--some from
dumpsters, construction sites, and kind friends.

why rescued wood? because i am a tree hugger?
i tell you no--it is because i am a CHEAPSKATE.
being a 2-birds-with-one-stone kind of guy,
if i can get some wood deemed useless to someone
else, yet useful to me, SCORE for the krapmeister!

if it helps you to know that i only eat free-range
chicken, and organic foods grown by local farmers...
or that your opinion of me would be higher if you knew
that all the machines in the shop are rigged for solar...
i can not offer you that.

God made the world, and all that is in it,
and has given mankind the stewardship over it.
eventually, God will destroy everything here with fire.
i take my mandate to stewardship very seriously,
but in full understanding
that the form of this world is passing away.