KRAPPY GUITARS--Krapmeister Kevin Siebold
relays the philosophy that guides our efforts:

Our instruments are built for frugal people
who aren't very concerned with regard to
quality, construction, materials, or safety.

The instruments are crafted from whatever
we find suitable. Pedigree of wood is not
a priority for us. We might get it from
a local hardware store, or use some old
shipping crates, or skids. Who knows??!!

If you are intrigued enough to purchase,
we will provide you with a complete history
for your instrument. The history might be
akin to this:

Wood:  leftover 2x4 from a construction site.
Strings:  used about 3 years ago on an old guitar.
Pickups:  some buncha crap we snagged from some guy.
Electronics:  whatever we can scrounge up!

Our warranty:  There is no warranty, expressed or
implied. We fully acknowledge our product is crap, and
your purchase signifies that you have entered into an
agreement to buy a product that is lacking in quality,
contains poor materials, and is worthy of much abuse
and destruction. We will in no way provide any
customer service, so don't even waste your time!!!