Joe and FretLesPaul
Joe's Krappy Kollection
Joe Diddley
Gator Hater
Two 2's
Joe Diddley 30 scale
Doug is swingin' the AXE!
Joe subbing on a gig
John and his 6+6 Touchstyle
Ed's head w/Twiggy4
Andrew's Pentium
Ciara's Electric Violin
Geir and the 6+8
Michelle's Fretless 14
Giles the SG ROCKER!
Kurt's 2x BEADGC
Dave tm's 4 str bass.
MattyMan's Uke
Tom & DinoFretless.
Luis' Celtic Bass
Alex's B@$+@rd fretless
Louie B plays one!!!
test drive at E-Tap
Fatty @ Roller derby
Vernon's 6x6 uncrossed
Giacomo's Dread Ten
Quinn and TwiggyBass
Linda's "banned"joe
Marek w/TripleNeck
Charles: 2kool4skool
Pete and Twig3
"homework schmomework!"
Eric at a jam session
Owl Man Phil --Twig 4
Matthieu's Crapouille 12
Frank and Bluesday 4
Mark and the Humongous
Jo's Javelin
Miss Weller and the Monarch
Matt and the X-club
Jakob and the Explorer
Klima's multiple arms
Wilhelm the Studious
Quag Deathmatch
Mike's Silicone Sista
Patrick and Shorty 5
Quag @ the Louvre
Lefty Joe
Phantom of the Ergo
Too Much Metal!!!
Genna w/Krappy fretboard
Siim before and after
David's Flying V
Brian in the shop!!!
Matthieu and Twiggy 4
Casey is very excited...
Quag vs Quag in Buffalo
Matty w/Malachi Crunch
Catherine sports a Q10
Matthieu on Rhino 16
Matty w/T7 headless
A.M. on 5+7 pinnacle
christian traveler
Jason's fishtank guitar
ben of mithras&orbeth
Zandbergen w/2x git
Over Exposure
Under Exposure
Indecent Exposure