Resistance is futile!!!
Morehart & 4 str.
Who will be NEXT???
Pete jammin'
Chad in the studio
Cooper's Cross
Ant and his 10
Henaghan and 12
Barna by the Bay
all in the family
Horner and DOOOM
Riggs w/double
Odeen onstage
Collins w/2
Vince and the BatBass
Rufino and EUB
Holte wth his 2
Billard is Frozen
Allport w/CelloCaster
Beware the HitMan!
Allport in the studio
Doug rips
Isbell and Hof-2
Corallo in the studio
Mr H with the Hawks-1
Kyle on Twiggy 5
Les & Matt Guitar Murphy
metal matriarch
i'm a tapper too!
bright sunny day
Doug and the Ho-Bow-3
GG's B+E-2
Gene's Slider 3
Wookiee on 10 string
RJ horizontal
Tom demonstrates...
RJ verical
early starter
Timm in the studio
Charis w/ Hated 10
Jamie w/M7 12 string
DC Rips it up
The Unknown Flippitarist
Space Lemming
Clint: make my day!
Grandpa's Traveler
VoiceGuy tries...
sub-mariner HIDE !!!
Vladmir and M-12
Tony's 12 in 4ths
Jon + 10
Zac Attack!
Alexey taps & bows
straight up Jeff
go Larry, go!
Krapmeister on 14
The Number 27
hitching a ride...
make jack's day!
my turn!
Ken at a Gig!
Yo Adrian!!!
Dave's RickRoll
Chris w/V2 punkbass
Brian's Krapenstein
Semper Krappy
Jay on OMS 8
Jan w/Umlaut 10
Ken's Twin Ricks
Lullabye Russ
Jay on OMS 8
Sammy gets hammy
Holy Hand Grenade
From flat...
rock on, Liv...
...To fluffy!!!
Derek's Davo SG
W.P. in a trance...
demo by Quag's friend
James w FlyingPaul
GGPa's tenor banjo
Deadly Weapon
Ian w/Kerry 12
no child left behind.
Dan w/Transplant 10
CJQ: Left Hand...
Bucket 'o Krappy!
...of Darkness
JS on Uke
Honest Johnny w EUB
JS on PunkBass
Gabe w/dad's axe
Jacques: Faceoff !
Brenda Shreds
Walter w/insured LP
Matt sports his 8
Andrew is Crafty
Paul with a grin
Chas: w/his own lapbar
Tim Jammin' on Flippitar
Neal and Racine 8
Patricia sez "EAT MY SHORTS"
Sean with a "Twin" 5+7
Jen gets ready to shred!